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Our responsibility to you

PROV. Communications‚ Inc. (PROV.) proposes solutions and develops and implements creative services to enable clients to successfully conduct their business strategies. PROV.’s business operations are supported by the rapidly evolving Internet environment‚ in which corporate activities and personal lifestyles are intricately interwoven amid a vast quantity of information that grows daily in volume. All PROV. executives and employees recognize their corporate social responsibility as representatives of a company engaged in digital content production to appropriately handle personally identifiable information‚ including names‚ addresses and telephone numbers‚ particularly in light of concerns surrounding their potential unauthorized and/or illegal use.

We also strive to encourage our clients to protect their privacy during the course of conducting our business together and while collecting information on our site.

We have taken steps to clearly express our policies for handling personal data‚ internally and externally‚ and are committed to ensuring that all executives and employees strictly adhere to these policies.

  • PROV. observes all ordinances‚ regulations‚ agreements and internal guidelines related to the handling of personal information.
  • Before obtaining personal information from individuals‚ PROV. explains how the data will be used‚ whether information may be provided to a third party‚ and if so‚ how that data will be shared. The use of such information is strictly limited to the explicit agreement of the user or client. We comply with all requests to limit or prohibit the use of such data. We also strive to maintain the accuracy of data and comply with all requests to disclose‚ amend or delete data.
  • PROV. utilizes personal data when contacting current or potential clients with beneficial or interesting literature or information‚ such as mailers or news concerning PROV.'s services. If desired‚ such data can be updated or removed through request by phone.
  • PROV. proactively pursues ongoing improvement by closely monitoring personal information management and responding to changes in the external environment‚ while complying with prevailing regulations and laws.

Please use the provided form to request any additional information on our privacy policy.